Louhinta Kääntä Oy – Professional Mining and Excavation Service

Louhinta Kääntä Ltd is a Finnish mining and excavation contractor from Alavieska. Louhinta Kääntä Ltd was established in 2008. We carry out quarrying e.g. for canals and ground work for houses. In addition we provide also other excavation work, detachment of crushed fields, crushing stones and chippings deliveries professionally and following the agreed schedule. Contact us when you need the excavation work and blasting professionals.

Louhinta Kääntä Ltd has carried out a lot of drilling and blasting for the municipalities of Ylivieska and Kalajoki to build new residential areas. The company has expertise on building foundations for wind power plants throughout Finland, many of them located in Oulu region and between the towns of Ylivieska and Kalajoki. The main customers of the company are municipalities, business and individual consumers. We are also conducting piecework contracts in excavation works.

Today company employs 34 workers. The company has acquired new up-to-date mining rigs, and other excavation machines like diggers and trucks for the transportation. Business entity was transformed to Limited Liability Company in 2011. Louhinta Kääntä Ltd is a member of The Federation of Finnish Enterprises.